Finally, we bring the sought after Jewel experience to women from religious backgrounds who also find themselves yearning for their very own "aish" experience.

Jewel Fomo is a 3 week all women's learning program located in the very heart of Jerusalem's Old City. It’s an incredible opportunity to re-explore the depth and beauty of Judaism along with other like-minded women.

Renowned for it’s warm, accepting environment and emphasis on individual needs, Jewel embodies a “come-as-you-are” atmosphere and boasts a strong, caring staff and dedicated teachers who welcome personal relationships and are always available to talk and answer questions.

Like Jewel, Jewel Fomo is a holistic program that includes classes, weekly trips around the country and group activities. Despite what you thought you already knew about Judaism, prepare to experience a truly eye opening journey into what Jewish life is all about! 

Classes are intimate and all are invited to question and learn at their own pace in a relaxed setting.  Our carefully tailored program redefines concepts in Jewish philosophy and observance, probes essential questions, will help you understand the wisdom and relevance of Jewish practice, introduces you to some of the Jewish community's current heroes and explores the Jewish approach to personal growth and relationships.  Jewel is located in the Old City which provides the opportunity to study in an environment where history truly comes alive.

for so long i felt that being from a frum background meant i couldn’t have the opportunity that my secular friends were having to understand judaism’s beauty. finally, a program that means i no longer have to miss out!
— M Goldstein

What you get

  • 3 weeks in Jerusalem
  • World class educators
  • Sisterhood, mentorship and community
  • Exploration of the land of Israel
  • Self- discovery and personal growth
  • Dormitory
  • 2-3 meals a day
  • Travel and touring
  • Shabbat Experiences
  • Classes in a warm and open environment

What's on you

  • Flight and tuition *scholarships available
  • Insurance
  • Some dinners
  • Your  participation, energy and input