Jewessence is a 3 month learning experience set in Jerusalem. Designed with Jewel alumni in mind yet open to all women in their 20s who are ready to spend a more significant amount of time focusing on understanding Jewish life, who want to build an arsenal of tools for successful living and who are excited to take their knowledge of themselves and their Jewish heritage to a whole new level.  

By focusing on both the vision of the Jewish people and your personal strengths, we believe that you will leave Jewessence feeling much more whole about your unique role and confident about the decisions ahead of you.

The education is experiential, discussion based and relevant.  We are not the typical beginner's Israel program nor are we a seminary.  We are an opportunity to take time out, take account and prepare for an inspired and proactive future.

Jewessence changed the way i viewed my Judaism, my relationships and myself.

What you get

  • 3 months in Jerusalem*
  • World class educators
  • Sisterhood, mentorship and community
  • Exploration of the land of Israel
  • Self- discovery and personal growth
  • Yoga classes
  • Dormitory
  • 2 meals a day
  • Travel and touring
  • Shabbat Experiences
  • Classes in a warm and open environment

What's on you

  • flight and tuition *scholarships available
  • insurance
  • dinners
  • your participation, energy and input