Jewel Reconnect is a brand new 5 month program for 18 - 20 year old women who, unlike our other participants, have had an orthodox jewish upbringing. 

For years Jewel has offered inspiration, insight and exploration to Jewish women who have never experienced it.  In response to many requests, we are proud to introduce Jewel Reconect for Jewish women who grew up in observant homes, yet who find themselves just as eager to be inspired, to gain insight and to explore a heritage they may have grown up in, but never appreciated fully.

Located in the Jewel House in Jerusalem's beautiful Givat Hamivtar, Jewel  Reconnect caters to women who find themselves ready and thirsty to rethink, reassess and reconnect.  Staffed by Jewel's talented educators, this program will allow you to ask the questions you never had a chance to ask, or asked but never received answers to.

In Jewel's warm, loving and nurturing environment, connect to your own strengths and talents; connect to friends who are on their own paths of discovery forging bonds that will carry through for years to come; connect to a staff who are excited to share with you and learn from you; connect to mentors who will listen without judgement and guide without force; connect to a Judaism explained with logical, relevant and applicable principles; connect to the history, mission and people of Israel.


This is the program you have been waiting for.
We are waiting for you....

Just because I’m from a religious background doesn’t mean I don’t need to be inspired

What you get

  • 5 months in Jerusalem*
  • World class educators
  • Sisterhood, mentorship and community
  • Exploration of the land of Israel
  • Self- discovery and personal growth
  • Yoga and Systema classes
  • Dormitory
  • 2 meals a day
  • Travel and touring
  • Shabbat Experiences
  • Classes in a warm and open environment

What's On You

  • flight and tuition *scholarships available
  • insurance
  • dinners
  • your participation, energy and input